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About project

Jozef Zomovčák - high bike cyclistsIn 2013 a famous cycling race Tour de France is about to be ridden for the hundreds time in history. Plan of our team is to ride Le Tour by footbike. We do not know anyone, who has ever kicked whole distance of Tour de France, some guys have tried parts of the distance, some stages or so – our project, however, is a little bit different.

We plan to ride the whole distance of Tour de France by footbike in the same track and distance as cyclists and also in the same number of days. We would like to kick every single stage of Tour de France just one day before cyclists, with big crowds up there in the mountains and entire atmosphere around.

There is a guy in the Czech Republic, Josef Zimovčák, who has done the same project riding historical high bike. He is the example, we want to follow.

Tour 2011 - Col d´AubisqueThe track of Tour de France 2013 counts 3479km divided into 21 stages of 20km to 240km.  We will climb many of those legendary horse category climbs such as Mont Venoux,  Alpe d´Huez, Glandon, Maddeleine and others. Moreover the start of the Tour, Le Grande Depart, will be on Corsica. It means another steep climbs in high temperatures.

As it is very difficult to kick 200kms every day for three weeks in row, our preparations started in 2011 to be prepared to kick between 10-17 hours a day. There will be not enough time to have rest and to regenerate. Especially in 2012 we plan to kick as much as possible, visiting Alpine climbs and simply get used to kick as hell.

Road closedProject Kick Your Life, Kick France 2013 – Tour de France by Footbike is not made just to fulfill our sportive dream. Project is established also as IKSA Promo Event. With our project we would like to promote footbike sport in Europe as much as possible. More info about IKSA (International Kicksled and Scooter Association) on

Finally, with kicking Tour de France, we would like to help those, who in their life were not lucky enough. Our project has therefore mission called Kick Your Life (check the Kick Your Life section of our website).

Well, if everything goes OK, on June 28th 2013 we will hit our first kick into the asphalt in Corsica and if Footbike God allows, three weeks later we shake our hands in Paris under the Arc de Triumph.

Just stay with us, follow us and keep your fingers cross!

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