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Kick Your Life

logo_spojenci_198We come with the third dimension of the project. We would like to help those, who may be had not been lucky enough in their life - that´s why KICK YOUR LIFE. Tour is about to be ridden for the first time by footbike - similarly there are people who sat on the wheelchair for the first time.

We hereby announce our charity partner SPORTOVNÍ KLUB VOZÍČKÁŘŮ PRAHA (Sport Wheelchair Club Prague Civic Association),



 Despite the KICK FRANCE 2013 Civic Association helps SKV Prague with some financial amnount for every km the team will finally ride during the Tour 2013, EVERYONE OF YOU have the same opportunity!!! How to do that?

  • The first variant of help

ANYONE can ANYTIME transfer financial help in ANY HEIGHT to SKV Prague transparent Bank account together with the symbol bellow:

Transparent bank account number: 2600062191/2010

Transfer symbol: 11 006 001

  •  The second variant of help to SKV Prague

this is a bit more connected with KICK FRANCE 2013. ANYONE coould sign himself for financnial gift to SKV Prague depending on number of kilometr, stages, etc. our tour will cover in France:

- financial gift for EVERY KM (or meter?), our team will cover;

- financial gift for EVERY STAGE, our team will cover;

- financial gift for EVERY KM (or meter), the team member of your choice would cover;  

- or whatever else you would like to.

For this kind of support please contact Mrs. KATEŘINA SEDLECKÁ, on or by tel.: 00420777083972.

P.S.: Do not forget the Tour measures 3479Km. 

Finally, what we may be should have told in advance - SKV Prague in words of it´s chief, Bohuslav Hůlka:

"We are different. Different from other handicaps the ours you can see at the first sight. Is it advantage or disadvantage? Jsme Sporting wheelchair user seems to be different than not-henicaped sportsman. There are really not too many differences. We need just a bit uncommon equipment. A bit more Erath surface is not reachable for us. It is tough without help ...


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