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Alpo thoughts about Corsica - 23.03. 2012

Compared to the rest of France, Corsica is:

Hadn't there been this project, I might not have ever visited Corsica, which would have been a shame. For all I've read, it's a fantastic island, but not conveniently on a way to anywhere else.
Thinking about it, being more difficult to reach and being fantastic place may have some correlation between them.
A little bit unfortunately, we can expect hard working days, so we will have to skip some gems like Col de Bavella or Cirque de la Solitude.
We will have a tighter schedule here too, since we need to catch the ferries to freight the team across to Nice in time.
You can check Kilian's GR20 record video for some glimpse of the surroundings:
Corsica is an island (how clever) and a mountainous one which means roads windy in three ways: horizontal, vertical and relative to air.
Horizontal winding makes road exciting, and I hope not overly so. Corsicans drive fast + during our visit there will be lots of tourists too. These stages can be the best bet for a traffic accident. French drivers do respect a biker so I'm more worried about our support cars.
Vertical winding is not that bad. I actually like that. Every meter you climb you get also back. Most roads we take are not that steep but instead the most enjoyable medium grades.
The Corsican winds: Fiery Mistral from north, hot Scirocco from south and the prevailing wind Libeccio from southwest are not that fair. You kick headwind or tailwind all day and may not get a reward or payback ever. Here it helps a lot that we are just a plain lucky team. Scirocco for days one and three, Mistral kicks in between for day two. I suppose this is not actually possible. Most probably we'll have Libeccio blowing all the time, which is quite ok except for the second day.
Not a specialty for Czech, or Finnish kickers! Lots of water will be used both internally and externally. Luckily the stages are a tad short, so we might choose to have a siesta with a swim and kick more in the morning and evening, except for the third stage when we need to catch the Nice ferry. During south European touring I've always found out darkness comes too soon, so we better have good light systems in case we want to kick to late evening.
I want to thank, by the way, Francis and Sheila of their Virtual Alps -site ( that was an abundant source of inspiration for all my Alpine Tours. Even if there nowadays are more technically advanced websites, I still checked what they had to say about Corsica.




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Rey | 20.09. 2013 16:50

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