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The Legend Returns - Alpo Kuusisto kicks with us!!! - 27.12. 2011

By the end of the year, here we bring a great new. The flying Fin and for sure the best long distance footbiker of all time, Mr. Alpo Kussisto returns!!! We are proud to announce, that Alpo is going to kick Tour de France 2013 with us ...

Our team is international from Christmas 2011 on. Moreover, having Alpo in our team rises our chances to come to the finish line in Paris. You cannot find better long distance footbiker around the world.

Easily we can remember Alpo´s 24 hours world record (519km), Paris-Brest-Paris (1200km in 85hours) and other crazy trips.

Last time we could have met Alpo racing, it was world champs 2006 in Finland - then he left for some extreme orienteering and adventure relay races.

Now the king is back with just one aim - Champs Elysées ...


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