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April - May - 22.06. 2012

April + May started with a week in Lapland. Mostly with kids, but also skiing every day, probably around 300km during the week. I had had a little flu symptoms for at least a month. Nothing bad but not perfectly healthy either. Upon return to southern Finland, the snow was almost gone so I had a good moment to take almost 3 weeks of rest to get completely rid of that state. So April for me was not much else than 300km of skiing.
But as mentioned in the March taining blog post, this was extremely fun spring for skiing and it was worth a little bad April.
What defines May exercises, is that we're organizing a trailrunning marathon this September and need to check for the possible routes, so many of my trainings are kicking to closeby Nuuksio National park, running there for hour or two and kicking back. That is a very good exercise I think, both for running and kicking.
I have only kicked twice 100km this spring, which is too few times but instead done many 4+ hours combined running and kicking exercises. On some occasions I've needed to kick some distances in the forest too. Mostly on small paths but also off-path. That's doable also on road wheels and frame but I have more and more ideas of a cross country scooter construction...
Sometimes forest sections are easy to kick. 20 km/hour on a road scooter on a very narrow singletrack.
Sometimes they are slower. I met toughest section I've ever made with Kickbike on one of this springs tours.
Shared below on Google maps If anyone living closeby should be interested to try it out:
I also managed to break my old faithful Kickbike Millennium Racer frame a week ago. Nothing to complain about the frame. It's from 2003, kicked about 40000km and already 2004 fell off a car rack on a British motorway and had to be bent back to shape with some heavy tools. This is now a good reason to update my scooter to a modern - and much better - version. I think it will be a self assembled mix of Kickbike Cruise Max and Race Max. I love the Cruiser's riding position, wheels and everything but it's a bit on a heavy side for racing and not available in silver.

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Emmanuel | 23.09. 2013 05:58

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Stef | 22.09. 2013 02:01

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Endrits | 20.09. 2013 19:01

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