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Training diary - preview - 25.03. 2012

March 2012 we start with publishing our training diary - what has happened so far?

During winter we tried to remain active in as many activites as possible - running, indoor sport, skiing, cross country skiing, some kicksleding and so... and also many hours in gym to gain some strenght.

Jarda has one scooter training camp in his leg so far, Vašek suffered some leg injury and so he had to quit training for some time, I suffered some 1week out of training due to flu and Alpo is still in winter in Finland - no dry asphalt at all.

By teh end of March we started to kick as much as possible (Alpo still skiing). We were kicking just up to 100km in one piece - easy kicking with any problems. In April we plan to add more and more kilometers and longer distances.

Then the racing season starts. We plan to prepare just for the WC untill then we will kick just long distances, no special preparations for races at all.

This is the beginning. Nowadays on, we bring every month summary of the previous one.

Our permanent diary is online on - Honza Vlášek - Alpo Kuusisto



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